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On January 21, 2017, about 10,000 citizens in the San Luis Obispo area gathered for our Women's March.
We stood together for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our planet – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.

The success of the day is a tribute to so many people, including the Organizers - Dawn Addis, Andrea Chmelik, Jen Ford, Travis Ford, Pat Harris, and Terry Parry, who provided the leadership and organization for a truly inspirational day. The triumph of the event was also due to the participants who provided music and powerful speeches - Dian Sousa, Courtney Haile, Rubia Siddiqi, Erica Flores Baltodano, Voices Three, Inga Swearingen, Melody Klemin, The Central Coast West African Rhythm and Dance Troupe, and Samba Loca.

In addition, a very special thank you to Deanna Cantrell, SLO Police Chief, who not only inspired us with her words, but also led a team of police from all over the area in order to ensure a wonderfully trouble-free event.

Of course the real heroes of the day were the Marchers, who showed passion and determination in expressing their convictions in a peaceful way.

This suite of films is intended to not only memorialize the March, but also to inspire our community to continue to take the steps necessary to create a positive and just future.


Come Healing

This film is part of a Suite of films documenting the Women's March in San Luis Obispo on January 21,2017 - part of a long term Call To Action for the community to create a positive and just future.
In this film, the local musical group Voices Three performs a lovely, uplifting rendition of Leonard Cohen's powerful song "Come Healing". The music provides a haunting and moving soundtrack to images of dedicated citizens marching in the rain for what they believe in.


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